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MVI Systems, LLC

My name is Melissa Lachman, Director of Marketing for MVI Systems LLC, a software development and manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, NY.


As a startup company in the real estate tech space, MVI had unique hiring needs which had to be met on a fixed budget...


Working with West Point Technology Partners to staff FXCM brought us nothing but immediate success. Roman and his team did a remarkable job at fulfilling our job requirements with the exact specialists....

A&E Networks

It is my esteemed pleasure to have worked with Roman Kupershteyn. He's not just a business partner, he's a friend. My co-workers at A&E Networks had the best productivity thanks to Roman... 

Big Drop

My name is Boris Lipsman. I am head of Support & Devops at Big Drop Inc. When I met Roman my company had a severe hiring issue. We were using various agencies and were getting nowhere...

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